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RICS Surveyors in Solihull

Solihull - The perfect balance of city and country

Situated on the River Blythe in the Forest of Arden, Solihull has its own unique character. Noted for its historic architecture, this town features surviving examples of Tudor-style, timber-framed houses and shops which add even more to its charm. We particularly appreciate how its rich heritage blends effortlessly with its more contemporary buildings.  


A highly sought-after area with excellent schools and superb choice of property,  Solihull is ranked as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. What's more, it also boasts an easy commute as one of the best-connected towns in the region. 


Along with all the shopping, culture and history you could want, its 150 acres of natural open spaces, parks, and green belt land blend with attractive leafy suburbs making Solihull a lovely place to live.


Nearby there’s the beautiful village of Knowle, home to retirees and young professionals with families who prefer the quiet life, and the equally picturesque village of Dorridge is a rural gem. Thought to date back to settlements of the Bronze Age, Dorridge is known for its rural walks and footpaths running to the pretty Blythe Valley nature reserve.


From suburbs to rural life, Solihull conveniently offers the best of everything, and it’s a pleasure to offer our full range of property survey and valuation services in this wonderful town.

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Great service provided by Richard.
Both Richard and Jeanette were highly responsive throughout the whole process. They had no problem with walking us through the initial survey requirements and made note to investigate any issues that we highlighted before the survey.

The survey highlighted multiple issues with the house, that we were then able to negotiate these with the sellers; to either correct immediately with contractors / reimburse as part of the sale.
The report was well formatted and contained a lot of information regarding the property. Pictures were accurate to the description of issues.

After the survey, Richard was more than happy to walk through the results, expanding on any risks/issues in further detail.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


I'm so glad we chose Richard Russell as our surveyor on a Victorian house in a conservation area. I really appreciated the pre-survey call where we outlined areas of focus and/or concern and Richard and Jeanette were always very prompt in responding to my questions post this call. The (level 3) survey itself was very thorough and delivered within the 2 working days post survey timeline. Richard really took what we had discussed and delved further into the details when onsite. His attention to detail highlighted something no (previous) surveyor had picked up and potentially saved us thousands of pounds in future cost. Our post-survey call was also really useful and helped me understand some of the technical matters. It's always tempting to opt for the cheapest surveyor when buying a house but you really get what you pay for here - quality, professionalism, efficiency and great service.


Buying or selling a property is a big decision, so why not get in touch with us and book a FREE, no-obligation pre-survey consultation for peace of mind. Then you’ll have the information you need to make the right decision for you. 


Just send us an email at


Or if you prefer to pick up the phone, we’re here Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm on 0121 769 1833

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